Joseph A. Coleman


Welcome, February 2020

I wasn’t sure what to call the stuff on this site. It’s certainly not poetry. It’s sort of writing, but not in the traditional sense. I’m going with “art”, because “art” tends to get taken more seriously. But what you’d call it doesn’t matter hugely. It felt interesting and relevant, so I made it. And here it is.

The 3 launch pieces are all based on a slider idea that I used on my copywriting website a few years ago. I thought there was more to the technique, so I decided to explore it further. These 3 pieces are the result.

I’m intending this site to be an ongoing project, with different ideas and experiments appearing as I come up with them. They won’t all be based around sliders, but will probably be based around words. I’m hoping to keep making creative side steps and see where they take me.

Thanks for coming by. To hear about future additions to the site feel free to stalk me on social media. I’m on Twitter at @JOETHECOLEMAN